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How to apply

Hello, dear future student!

There are several ways to apply for the courses at the university:


  1. Find a course and fill in the application form on: http://international.spbftu.ru/
  2. Follow the instructions:
    • Choose the direction/specialization of study for admission
    • Bring the documents to the SPbSFTU’s Admissions Committee or submit them through the electronic system https://pk.spbftu.ru You should also send scanned copies of documents to: pricomltu@mail.ru & mobilityftu@gmail.com

      The following documents are required:

      • Your passport and its notarized translation (if necessary)
      • ID card (ID) (if you have any) and its notarized translation
      • The previous document about education (Diploma or School certificate both with all appendixes!) and its notarized translation
      • Preparatory faculty certificate (if you have one)
      • Photograph 3×4 cm (6 pcs if you bring the documents personally to the Admission Committee)
      • Information on permanent residence address (home address in the country of permanent residence)

      Note: You should send the scanned copies of the original documents and bring the paper copies to the SPbSFTU’s Admissions Committee.

      Deadlines for the documents submission:

      • July 20 (Bachelor programs)
      • July 24 (Master programs)
    • Receive a response from a specialist of the admission office about the registration of documents and an electronic (printed) copy of the education agreement with details for payment.
    • Take the required online exams (for Bachelor programs):


      • Register in Moodle system (examination platform).
      • Choose “Экзамен для всех форм обучения на контрактную основу”.
      • Take the exam and wait for the result.
      • If you have scored the required number of points, a specialist will contact you for further action.

      The exams are held on 20 – 25, July. You can find the detailed schedule on https://spbftu.ru/uploads/postuplenie/raspisanie_vstupitelnyh_ispytanij/

      * Note: The exams (Russian and Math) will take place on 21, July, 2023 (so there will be 2 exams on 1 day)

      ** Note: You have to score at least 40 points out of 100 to be eligible for admission.

      Take the required offline exams (for Master programs):

      The entrance examinations are held only in Russian and consist of two parts: examination cards and portfolios’ competition. Total score is - 100 points with 75 points for examination card (your written answer with its oral explanation are avaluated) and 25 points maximum for a portfolio.

      You can find the detailed entrance test programs with the list of exam topics, the list of recommended literature for the preparation for the exams, the description of required qualifications for every Master program on https://spbftu.ru/applicant/types-education/master.

      The exams are held on 24 – 29, July. You can find the detailed schedule on https://spbftu.ru/uploads/postuplenie/raspisanie_vstupitelnyh_ispytanij/magistratura_compressed.pdf.

  3. Sign an agreement on education and pay the tuition fee in accordance with the agreement.
  4. Send scanned copies of the signed agreement and documents confirming payment to: mobilityftu@gmail.com
  5. Wait for a letter from a Visa service specialist for issuing invitations to travel.

    Enrollment for fee-based programs is right after admission tests, on 26, July.


Citizens of the Republic of Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan, citizens of the Republic of Georgia who have a permission for temporary residence on the territory of the Russian Federation, foreign citizens and stateless persons who are compatriots living abroad have the right to apply to state-funded places on a general basis (by passing the university’s entrance exams or through the Unified State Examination (“ЕГЭ”) as part of a general competition).

Enrolment dates:

  • Bachelor programs – 9, August
  • Master's programs – 7, August

Note: applicants who are eligible for the status of compatriot have to bring additional document to be admitted (a copy of the passport of a parent or other relative (grandparents, great-grandparents, ...) in the ascending line and its notarized translation and the birth certificate of the relative(s) in the ascending line, issued by the USSR and the Russian Empire).

Applicants from the countries other than listed above can also be admitted to fully-funded programs by applying for educational quotas at https://russia-edu.minobrnauki.gov.ru/. Be careful! You have to apply for these quotas one year prior to enrollment to the educational program.

You can also look for the additional information on admission for foreign citizens at the website of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation - https://russia-edu.minobrnauki.gov.ru/


In 2023, SPbSFTU accepts PhD students for full-time education at budgetary education and fee-based programs on a competitive basis for citizens of the Russian Federation and foreign countries with a higher education (specialist, master's degree, not a bachelor's degree!). Applicants’ individual achievements are evaluated. SPbSFTU admits stateless persons to graduate school on a general basis if they have documents confirming the eligibility of their stay on the territory of the Russian Federation.

Applicants for graduate school should prepare a written plan-project of dissertation research.

The entrance examination for PhD courses consist of two parts:

  1. preparation of a plan-project of dissertation research (applicants should submit the plan-project to their university’s personal accounts through the electronic information system of SPbSFTU https://spbftu.ru/abitur/elektronnaya-priyomnaya-komissiya-podat-zayavlenie/ - 20, June – 12, August.
  2. oral presentation of a plan-project of dissertation research on the approved schedule - 14 – 19, August.

You can find the detailed information (including admission requirements, the program of the entrance examination, and dates of entrance examinations in 2023) on https://spbftu.ru/postgraduate/o-prieme-v-aspiranturu


Educational specializations at the College of Forest Complex Technologies and Park and Garden Management Landscaping are available for those applicants who have graduated from 9th (11th) grade.

Admission is based on the competition of school certificates and the results of individual achievements. GPA is calculated taking into account all subjects’ scores listed in the certificate.

Open Doors Days are held every 3rd Friday of the month at 5 pm in the reading room (3rd floor)


It is necessary to notify the University migration and Visa support office staff (mobilityftu@gmail.com) 10 days before arriving to Russia and provide scanned copies of the tickets and scan of Visa.

At the border control, the purpose of the arriving must be stated as STUDY and the location of the University - St. Petersburg


After arriving to Russia within 2 days you have to:

  • Make medical insurance policy (insurance coverage is not less than 500 thousand rubles with repatriation services included)
  • Visit a Migration and Visa Support office


Svetlana V. Tereshchenko, PhD(Ec) Head of the Directorate of International Cooperation Tel. +7 (812) 217-92-60 WhatsApp. +7 (931) 592-28-89 Email: mobilityftu@gmail.com Email: icffi@spbftu.ru
Elena A. Rumyantseva Specialist of Migration Registration and Visa Support Department Tel. +7 (812) 217-93-56 WhatsApp. +7 (931) 592-28-89 Email: vizaspbftu@mail.ru

SPbSFTU’s Admissions Committee

194021, St. Petersburg, Institute per. 5B, 2nd building, 3rd floor

E-mail: pricom@spbftu.ru

Official VKontakte group: https://vk.com/ltu_abiturientu

Tel.: +7 (812) 217-92-97


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