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As soon as you arrive at St. Petersburg State Forest Technical University you will be provided a tutor - a person who will be the first to meet you in St. Petersburg and to help you in solving the most difficult issues during your first days at our University!

Tutors are our students who have experienced being “new” to a foreign unfamiliar country on their own. The main duty of a tutor is to help you with the adaptation!


  • are the first to meet applicants / students at the airport or railway station;
  • help to issue bank cards, exchange money, purchase sim-cards and other things necessary in a everyday life;
  • provide assistance in registering for primary migration registration and settling in a hostel;
  • introduce the infrastructure of the University and the city;
  • inform about all the activities held during the orientation period;
  • maintain communication with foreign students, involve them into the life of the University, introduce them to the tutoring movement of SPbSFTU.


Passing the mandatory state fingerprint registration, photographing and medical examination

Since December 29, 2021 foreign citizens arriving to the Russian Federation for study and training purposes for a period exceeding 90 calendar days are required to undergo mandatory state fingerprint registration, photographing and medical examination within 90 calendar days from the date of entry into Russia.

At present you can pass the required fingerprint registration, photographing and medical examination and at the same time at the Passport and Visa Service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, 10-12 Krasny Tekstilshchik St., liter B, entrance 2 (from the yard), 4th floor, St. Petersburg.

Health insurance

Foreign citizens or stateless persons must have a health insurance policy (500 thousand rubles with repatriation included) valid in the Russian Federation. The period of the insurance validity must correspond to the period of registration in the Russian Federation.

Passing the mandatory migration registration

When arriving in St. Petersburg, regardless of citizenship, you must bring documents for migration registration (registration) to the Department of Migration Registration and Visa Support personally in 2 days:

Saint-Petersburg, 5 Institutsky pereulok, 2 building, offices 252, 246 (2nd floor)

Tel: +7 (812) 217-93-56, +7 (812) 217-92-18

E-mail: vizaspbftu@mail.ru , viza@spbftu.ru

Time limits for migration registration

The documents for your registration will be collected by the staff of the Department of Migration Registration and Visa Support and brought to the Migration Service. To provide this you should come to the Department on the NEXT WORKING DAY AFTER YOUR ARRIVAL.

For the registration the following documents are required:

  1. Passport (original) and printed copies of each page; the first page (with photo), page with visa — 2 printed copies;
  2. Migration card (original) and 2 printed copies;
  3. Letter from the dormitory commandant.

You will get migration card while crossing the border. It is a VERY important document, don’t lose it or throw away, you will be asked to give it back each time you leave Russia. Please check that your name and surname are written correctly and completely, and that your Purpose of Travel is Education («Учёба»). If any of the information is incorrect, please, ask border control officer for a correction.

If international students are planning to stay in the transit city on their way to Saint Petersburg (for example Moscow), they have to keep and bring their hotel/hostel registration documents and tickets to the Department of Migration Registration and Visa Support.

You will be registered until the date of validity of your visa and, if your period of intended stay is longer, you will have to prolong your visa and registration.

Please note that the migration registration should be made at the place of your actual residence. So if you decide to live somewhere else except University's dormitory (for example to rent an apartment) you will have to make migration registration without the help of University's Department of Migration Registration and Visa Support. Но необходимо сообщить

Student VISA prolonging

To extend the period of validity of the student visa and migration registration a foreign citizen is obliged to bring all the necessary documents to Department of Migration Registration and Visa Support 45 calendar days before the VISA expiration date.

Please, remember that at the time you apply for your VISA prolongation the validity of your passport must be more than 18 months.

You will need the following documents for your VISA prolongation:

  • Passport (original) and 2 printed copies of each page
  • Migration card (original) and 2 printed copies
  • Registration card, showing the date of your registration in Russia and 2 printed copies
  • 1matt photo (size 3 cm x 4 cm)
  • Receipt of paid multi visa fee (1600 rubles)

Please, note that students who failed the deadlines of VISA prolongation for no reason will be required to return home.

If you are going somewhere for weekends or holidays please take into consideration that the registration is an obligatory procedure every time you leave and come back to Saint-Petersburg, even if you have got the multiple — entry visa!

If you visit other cities in Russia during your stay in Saint Petersburg, please, remember that registration in other cities is compulsory only if you stay there for more than a week. Nevertheless, hotels and hostels might register you even if you stay for a shorter period of time. When you come back you must come to the University’s Department of Migration Registration and Visa Support in 2 days to be registered in Saint Petersburg again.

Please keep all the tickets and boarding passes which confirm your trip.

Always notify Department of Migration Registration and Visa Support about your new address! Your residence address and registration address must be the same. In case you move please provide your new address.

It is also always advisable to have your passport, registration card copies, insurance police copy and the contact person’s phone number with you in the university.

If you have any questions or difficulties, don’t hesitate to contact us:


Svetlana V. Tereshchenko, PhD(Ec) Head of the Directorate of International Cooperation Tel. +7 (812) 217-92-60 WhatsApp. +7 (931) 592-28-89 Email: mobilityftu@gmail.com Email: icffi@spbftu.ru
Elena A. Rumyantseva Specialist of Migration Registration and Visa Support Department Tel. +7 (812) 217-93-56 WhatsApp. +7 (931) 592-28-89 Email: vizaspbftu@mail.ru